New Century Dance Company
New Century Dance Company
The New Century Dance Company was born of the idea to provide original
performance entertainment for a wide range of events; it possesses the
advantage to create technically superior dance performances with an
enticing theatrical edge. Versatility, Creativity and Originality are the
foundations of the company's image and identity. New Century Dance

New Century Dance Company was built on principals, practices and
ethical standards that have made it into a full In-house company that
boasts an extensive inventory of creative and imaginative theatrical
costumes and a cast of talented dancers, trained in Classical Ballet, Latin
Ballroom, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Neoclassical and Musical Theater.
The company provides high level unique choreography and customized
works for a wide spectrum of a client's vision and expectations.

The Company based in Miami, Florida, has an extensive cast of one of a
kind entertainers, Professional dancers, Actors, Models, Musicians, Specialty
Cirque Acts, and unsurpassed Live Performance Décor.

The Company travels Nationally and Internationally with ease, their resume
includes performances such as President Bill Clinton's Inaugural Ball, The
Ringling Museum of Art Annual Gala, World Music Awards, performances
with renown artists and an impressive client list  that holds outstanding
companies in the corporate world, this has made New Century Dance
Company the main source of entertainment for this industry in the country
and abroad.